5 Things That Make Our Office A “kid-friendly” Environment

5 Things That Make Our Office A “kid-friendly” Environment

Jan 16, 2019

Children are more often than not petrified of getting dental examinations and procedures done.  They get scared even at the mention of the dentist. Though it’s parent’s responsibility to manage their child’s anxiety and make him/ her understand the importance of dental visit, it is also important for the dental clinics to create a warm and vibrant environment for kids. The Dentist in Chandler AZ says, a kid-friendly ambience will help children in combating their fears and getting comfortable with dental clinics. They should try to offer kids a fun and enjoyable experience.

Here’s a Look at Tips from Dentist near 85224, for creating a Kid- friendly Environment:

  • Waiting Room

Try to have a TV set with cartoon channels on in the waiting room along with some comics and story books with attractive images. Or place a tablet in the waiting room where kids can play a game while waiting for their turn. 

  • LED enhanced lights in room

Lights play an important role in how children perceive your clinic. Dark space will be scary and make them anxious of the procedure. On the other hand, bright and cheery lights will enhance their mood and reduce the anxiety about the procedure. This works more during the winters when it is already cold and dark.

  • Essential Oil Diffuser

Who doesn’t know the positive effects of essential oils on our mind and body? According to dentist near you, another way of decreasing anxiety and stress hormone cortisol is installing an essential oil diffuser in your office which will boost positive mood in kids. Plus, it also contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

  • TV show during procedure

A great way of distracting children during the procedure and let the appointment go smoothly is have TV in the procedure room and let kids watch their favorite cartoon. This will make them comfortable and distract during cleaning or any other dental procedure.

  • Wand anesthesia

Adopting newer computer assisted system of giving anesthesia in a slower and controlled speed is a good idea as it is less painful than conventional anesthesia.

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