5 Tips on how to keep your teeth white

5 Tips on how to keep your teeth white

Jan 01, 2019

Are you worried about losing the pearly shine of your teeth? Are you always petrified of getting your teeth stained? Worry not; as all you need to do is follow some easy yet effective tips to get those enviable shining teeth. It is better to consult dentist at Chandler so that you can get tips from an expert on oral health maintenance.

The below mentioned tips are not only helpful for those who have naturally white teeth but also for people who have got whitening treatment done by a teeth whitening dentist.

Tips to retain the whiteness of your teeth

  1. The first and basic tip is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. It consists of brushing the teeth daily at least twice – early morning and before sleeping. You must also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash as it keeps bacteria at bay and your smile shiny.
  2. Another effective tip suggested by dentist 85224 is to avoid consumption of beverages that may stain your teeth. Any dark colored beverage such as coffee, coke, red wine, tea, etc should be avoided. Even if you have them occasionally, try to use a straw so that they don’t touch your teeth.
  3. Using electric tooth brush is also a good way to retain the whiteness of your teeth. These brushes are powerful enough to remove the bacteria and food remnants from the mouth as their bristles oscillate, vibrate, and rotate, offering a thorough cleaning experience. The brush reaches to grooves of the teeth and keeps them clean.
  4. You must avoid consuming tobacco if you want to keep oral risks away from your mouth. Tobacco not only stains the teeth but also leads to tongue discoloration and increases the risk of gum diseases or dreadful diseases such as oral cancer.
  5. You can go for whitening toothpaste instead of your regular paste as they have special ingredients that promote whiteness. You only need to use the whitening toothpaste twice or thrice a week to remove the stains and keep your teeth polished.

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