7 Tips to Prevent Dental Emergency

7 Tips to Prevent Dental Emergency

Nov 01, 2020

Decay, injuries, and infections are detrimental to your teeth and gums. It could potentially lead to a visit to the emergency dental service. A dental emergency makes things more worse and creates stress for the whole family.

Therefore, make sure you adhere to the guidelines of your dentist in caring for your mouth. Also, with great preventive care, you can lower your chances of having to visit a skilled emergency dentist.

Ways to Prevent Dental Emergency

Below are the tips to prevent dental emergencies:

1. Maintain an Excellent Oral Hygiene Routine

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is the most effective way to prevent cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues from developing. It is also the most essential way to avoid dental emergencies.

It includes flossing at least one time in a day, brushing teeth twice a day for two to five minutes, and rinsing the mouth with an ADA-approved mouthwash. Bacteria quickly get garnered in food debris. This causes gum diseases, risk of infections, and decay.

2. Avoid Consuming Crunchy and Hard Foods

If you love chewing on ice cubes, pens, or pencils, stop this bad habit right now. It is because hard, sticky, and crunchy foods like hard candies, flatbread pizza, etc. may easily chip, crack, or break your tooth if you are not careful.

It’s also best to avoid soda, coffee, fruit juice, and alcohol. Remember, once your tooth gets cracked, it is easy for bacteria to collect inside the crack. This causes severe pain and the development of an abscess. It can also cause serious dental injury and need to contact the emergency dentist.

Also, make sure you chop the food into tiny pieces if necessary. In case you have a nail-biting problem, you can keep them trimmed and buffed. Rather than tough foods, you can chew sugarless gum to keep saliva production high and bacteria at bay.

3. Use a Mouthguard During Sports Activities

It just takes one wrong move to crack, damage, or even trigger tooth loss. Sports injuries are one of the most common causes of knocked-out teeth. Thus, regardless of whether you are playing basketball, cricket, or other sport, ensure that you wear a mouthguard. It will help you prevent a disturbing emergency situation.

A mouthguard is also beneficial for teeth grinding patients as it prevents excessive wear and tear or serious injury to the teeth and soft oral tissues. Moreover, these oral devices can also curb chronic jaw pain. It’s worth considering custom-made mouthguards made by a dentist. They will offer excellent protection while staying for a long time.

4. Have Regular Dental Check-ups

A routine checkup every six months from Chandler dentist can allow you to ensure excellent oral health and your overall health. The expert can catch early signs of unconscious habits or dental problems before they become an emergency. The dental expert also gets rid of the stubborn plaque that can’t be cleaned by regular brushing.

5. Avoid Use Your Teeth as Tools

Human teeth are built to cut the food and nothing else. Although they are strong, they can chip or break quickly if too much force is exerted on them. Thus, rather than using your teeth, make use of scissors or other useful tools for the job. It is because they can cause serious problems to your tooth and trigger a dental emergency.

6. Take Necessary Vitamins

Did you know your daily doses of vitamins can keep your gums and teeth healthy and decay-free? Diverse vitamins offer diverse perks to your mouth. Vitamins A, B, and C are good for gum health. They also lower the risk of periodontal disease. Calcium and Vitamin D makes the teeth strong.

7. Consider Sealants

Sealants are usually offered as preventative care for kids. But they are effective for adults too. They are transparent plastic covering painted on the chewing teeth surface, mainly the molars.

Thus, if you have small kids and seniors in your home that has a tough time flossing and brushing their teeth correctly, consider sealants today to prevent a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies are one of the most serious and painful traumas in the life of a person. They can be quite expensive and need invasive dental procedures too. With great preventative measures, you can avoid them till you reach the emergency dentist near you. However, accidents can occur at any time.

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