Braces Are More Than Cosmetic – Why Straight Teeth Matter

Braces Are More Than Cosmetic – Why Straight Teeth Matter

Sep 26, 2018

Straight teeth are a sure-fire way to feel confident in your smile, but are you aware of the fact that the alignment of your teeth matter, not only for cosmetic reasons? If you are patient that suffers from abnormal spacing, underbite, overbite, overcrowding, or just a general misalignment of your teeth, all of these have serious implications that can lead to serious health effects. By having a set of misaligned teeth, you inhibit your ability to chew food and break them down properly. That not only impairs the proper absorption of key nutrients, but can also lead to digestive health issues.

Misaligned teeth can even lead to TMJ problems and sleeping and breathing issues that are on set by sleep apnea. Sleeping and breathing issues taking place during sleep hours can have extremely serious effects on your overall health. As teeth shift with old age, we are increasing the risk of conditions such as periodontal disease and severe damage to your teeth.

Have You Had Braces in the Past?

If you have had braces in the past, as dental professionals, we cannot overstate the importance of wearing your retainers after your braces have come out of your mouth. The retainers work as a way to ensure that the switched positions that have been achieved during the dental alignment process do not shift. By not using your retainer you run the risk of re-immersing yourself in the dangers that misaligned teeth had previously come with.

Why They’re Important

Health really does begin in your mouth, so if your teeth, smile, and health can all benefit from teeth alignment, we want to do all we can to help find comfortable and effective options that will not only bring you instant gratification, but long-lasting life adjustments that can carry on into old age. Most patients can see to achieve their treatment goals within 6 months using the latest advances in clear, undetectable aligners.

If you still have questions concerning different teeth alignment options I just traditional metal braces or clear plastic aligners, we at Chandler Ranch Dental in Chandler, AZ would be more than happy to help you on your journey to a better smile and a better you. Feel free to contact our office as soon as possibly convenient, and we would love to schedule a consultation appointment.

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