Can You Drink Coffee after a Root Canal?

Can You Drink Coffee after a Root Canal?

Aug 01, 2023

If you have undergone a root canal from the local dentist, your teeth may appear brighter and healthier, but your mouth remains painful. If you consider jumpstarting your day with your regular coffee and wonder whether it is safe, this article explains if you can grab a coffee after a root canal. We also detail some foods you should avoid while answering some FAQs on this topic.

Can You Drink Hot Coffee after a Root Canal?

After receiving root canal treatment in Chandler, the dentist performing the treatment will not recommend drinking hot coffee or any warm beverages. The restrictions are because hot coffee interrupts gum tissue regeneration. It enhances the chances of root canal failure. If you must have coffee, you should prefer lukewarm or iced coffee. The reasons for not drinking hot coffee are mentioned below for your understanding.

Root Canals Require Numbing Medication

During the root canal procedure, the dentist in Chandler injects local anesthesia near the tooth to block pain impulses. After completing the course, your mouth remains numb for four to six hours, making eating and drinking challenging because you barely feel your oral cavity. You can burn your tongue and throat because of the numbness. Therefore instead of preferring hot coffee, you must choose lukewarm or iced coffee that can prevent your mouth from burning. However, it helps to remember iced coffee can cause mouth irritations if allergic to sugar. While sipping the iced coffee, you must not chew on ice to avoid exerting pressure on the treated tooth.

Coffee Interrupts Healing

Hot coffee slows your healing because, during your root canal, the dentist opens your tooth crown to access the dental pulp for removal and creates a space for the filling. After filling the tooth, the dentist near you seals it with adhesives. Finally, they restore the tooth with a dental crown during a subsequent appointment to enable you to use it as usual.

After receiving endodontic treatment, your gum tissue starts regenerating. However, your gums remain sensitive after the procedure, and drinking hot coffee will worsen the situation. Hot coffee will slow the regeneration of the gums to impair the healing.

Foods to Avoid after a Root Canal

After a root canal, hot coffee is not the only beverage you must avoid. In addition, you must also refrain from the following:

  • Alcohol: the dental office of the Chandler dentist advises not to consume alcohol after a root canal because it increases bleeding in the surgical site. In addition, alcohol delays the healing process because it prevents gum regeneration.
  • Spicy Foods: If you prefer spicy foods, you must refrain from having them until you recover. Your mouth cannot withstand the spiciness because it remains sensitive.
  • Bread: chewy bread puts pressure on your tooth and occasionally can remove the temporary filling placed by the dentist.
  • Carrots: crunchy carrots are excellent for your diet. Unfortunately, incorporating them following a root canal is not suggested because biting into a carrot makes your mouth sore.
  • Sticky Candy: after your root canal procedure, it helps if you avoid sticky Candy such as Gummies, Taffy, and chewing gum. Although the temporary filler is anchored to your tooth, the adhesive can erode with gummy Candy.

How Long Will the Soreness Last After a Root Canal?

After a root canal, you can expect the discomfort and soreness to last a few days before subsiding. However, if you do not observe improvements after 72 hours, you might need to schedule a dental appointment to evaluate your situation.

Do You Need Time Off after a Root Canal?

Root canals are stringent procedures that require rest to speed the healing. Therefore you must take time off work or school to rest and give your body the time to heal after a painful procedure. Ensure you get plenty of sleep by keeping your head elevated using extra pillows to prevent swelling and bleeding. The discomfort you experience will subside in 72 hours if you take the medications suggested by the dentist and antibiotics without skipping doses because they help you recover quickly. However, it is best to avoid coffee and prefer alternative beverages like lukewarm green tea until you have fully recovered from the endodontic procedure and restored your tooth with a dental crown to strengthen and use it for many years.

If a tooth with excruciating pain and temperature sensitivity causes you to visit Chandler Ranch Dental, they will likely suggest a root canal to eradicate infections inside the tooth. The dental practice also instructs you on the foods and beverages you can have or must avoid ensuring a quick recovery.

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