Do Genetics Influence Oral Health?

Do Genetics Influence Oral Health?

Mar 16, 2019

Genetics is known to influence how we look, our health and even our personality. Many diseases being hereditary can be passed on to us from our parents, which include dental issues. Dental problems can run in the family, and bad oral health habits can be passed on to children from their parents.

Here are some oral issues you need to watch out for if your parents have a history of the following oral health problems:

Almost one-third of the population might be genetically predisposed to periodontal or gum disease. It refers to inflamed and sensitive gums, which is associated with tooth decay if left untreated.

Early diagnosis and a proper treatment plan can help you protect your teeth and gums. In case periodontal disease runs in your family, make sure to get regular dental check-ups from a dentist near you.

  • Tooth Decay

What if you could blame your cavities on your parents? Some forms of gene beta-defensin 1 are associated with a high risk of dental cavities. In case your children are prone to having cavities, it is advised to speak to their dentist in Chandler regarding fluoride and sealant treatments. Individuals who are prone to dental decay might benefit from prescription mouth rinses and toothpaste. Ensure you visit a dentist near you for frequent examinations and cleanings.

Oral cancer is responsible for the death of thousands of Americans each year. Though oral cancer is caused largely due to bad lifestyle choices such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, genetics can play a role in triggering oral cancer.

In case you carry a genetic marker which makes you a high-risk case of developing oral cancer, quitting consumption of alcohol and tobacco and maintaining a balanced diet can lower your chances of contracting oral cancer.

  • Cleft palate and lip

Cleft palate or lip is a common birth defect which implies that the roof of the mouth and the sides of the clips do not properly fuse together. Genetics can play a role in this deformity. Persons of Native American, Latino, and Asians are more prone to be born with a cleft.

In case any members of your family have a history of oral and dental issues, you should ensure regularly visiting your dentist in Chandler for regular check-ups.

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