Does Food Taste Different with Partial Dentures?

Does Food Taste Different with Partial Dentures?

Jun 20, 2022

You must acquire the skills of eating with new dentures, and it takes time, patience, and practice to become efficient and comfortable. You might require a few weeks to a few months to learn how best to eat with your dentures. In addition, you might find some foods challenging to eat, such as apples and corn on the cob, and you must exercise caution when eating these foods.

When you have partial dentures as replacements for a couple of missing teeth might require more time to finish a meal with your new dental appliances. However, you can select easy to chew foods initially to strengthen your muscles and prepare them for more complex and arduous foods later.

Will Your Partials Affect Taste?

As artificial teeth replacement solutions, complete or partial dentures sit on your gums and do not interfere with your tastebuds located on the tongue or covering the palate. Therefore, the denture acrylic will likely not affect the taste of the food you are having.

You might initially experience challenges when you find the food distasteful with the dentures than without. However, the problem gradually improves as you get accustomed to eating with dentures, but you may have to deal with the problem for a few weeks.

As you age, your sense of taste diminishes and might be uneven across the menu or food habits. For example, you might become accustomed to salty and sweet flavors because of the higher salt and sugar in your foods than subtle flavors. Therefore the change you notice with dentures in your mouth could well result from your age instead of the dental appliance.

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Eating with Partial Dentures?

Here again, your age determines how long you might require to get used to eating with partial dentures. Older people wearing dentures or partials newly find it challenging to adjust to a foreign appliance in their mouths and require approximately two to three months to get accustomed to them.

The type of partial they have also makes a difference because upper partials cover the hard palate, and the flanges push food into the throat while eating. Lower partials interfere and move with the tongue when eating and talking. It is why the dentist near Chandler recommends you use soft or semiliquid foods during the initial couple of weeks and gradually change to a semisolid meal in small servings starting the third week.

Younger patients find it comfortable to get accustomed to partials faster than older people. The younger lot can eat regular meals after two weeks and wear their replacement teeth as a natural part of their oral cavity.

Therefore the time required to get used to eating with partial dentures differs between patients.

Can You Eat well with Partial Dentures?

You can undoubtedly eat well with partial dentures. However, please do not assume you can start biting and chewing your favorite foods soon after receiving the replacement teeth from the Chandler dentist. You must go through a brief adjustment period as you get accustomed to the new feeling in your mouth.

You might find it beneficial to have soft foods and dishes that don’t require excessive chewing and jaw movement. After getting accustomed to the dental appliances, you will find it easier to have your favorite foods without significant concerns.

Eating with New Partial Dentures

New dentures, whether partial or complete, are a challenge by themselves, and you will need time to get yourself accustomed to them besides cleaning the dental appliances, smiling with your new dentures, and adjusting to having them in your mouth. In addition, eating with new partials undoubtedly will cause some challenges because certain foods are more difficult to have than others.

When eating with your new partials, you must take things gradually and ensure you are focusing on chewing correctly and keeping your dentures in place. It helps if you stay away from hard lollies and apples and introduce them into your diet gradually. You must also chew slowly and take smaller bites when you have your new partials in your mouth. It is to prevent movement of the dentures out of position.

If you find it challenging eating or chewing foods with partial dentures, you can always discuss your problem with Chandler Ranch Dental for required help.

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