Emergency Dental Care in Chandler, AZ

Emergency Dental Care in Chandler, AZ

Feb 15, 2023

How would you react if you injured yourself when gardening or working at home? Wouldn’t you rush to the emergency room to receive treatment for the injury? Would you think similarly if you bit hard foods and chipped or broke your tooth? You probably think you can receive treatment for a broken or chipped tooth from the emergency room without knowledge that professionals in emergency rooms do not have the expertise or infrastructure to treat dental emergencies.

While you might think visiting an emergency room is ideal for the problem you confront, wouldn’t you benefit by seeking treatment from an emergency dentist near you? Emergency dentistry is not a dental specialty but is a service offered voluntarily by dentists working beyond office hours or even treating patients without appointments. Emergency dentists can deal with any situation affecting you to ensure they alleviate the pain you experience to possibly save your tooth. Therefore whenever affected by a dental emergency, your first thought should be to look for an emergency dentist nearby to receive the necessary treatment without delay.

If you find it challenging to determine what dental emergencies are, we provide some situations that require attention from an emergency dentist and not any other professional. Kindly continue reading to know when a visit to the emergency dentist in Chandler benefits you more than visiting emergency rooms.

Dental Situations Needing Help from Emergency Dentists

  • Toothache: Pain in a specific tooth might indicate a dental problem that needs identification to ensure it is managed appropriately. Two common causes of pain in a particular tooth indicate dental pulp infections or food particles trapped between your teeth. If your toothache starts unexpectedly and progressively worsens with sensitivity to temperatures, you require help from an emergency dentist nearby to identify an infection manifesting inside your tooth and receive treatment for the dental pain by undergoing the fearsome but tooth-preserving root canal therapy.
  • Chips and Cracks: Your teeth can chip or crack from accidents, using your teeth for purposes other than chewing or biting on hard foods. You might also have chipped and cracked teeth if you are affected by bruxism. If you experience pain and bleeding from a chipped or cracked tooth, you cannot ignore receiving treatment from the dentist in Chandler because the professional can quickly ensure the condition with the tooth doesn’t worsen to allow your mouth bacteria to penetrate it and create additional trouble.
  • Knocked-out Teeth: any facial impact that causes a tooth to fall out of your mouth needs emergency treatment within 30 minutes. However, before you contact the Chandler dentist with your complaint, you must collect the tooth on the floor and rinse it with water if dirty and try to place it in its socket before heading to the dentist’s office. If you can’t reinsert the tooth in your mouth, use a tiny milk container to keep the tooth moist as you head to the dentist’s office. If you reach them within the specified time, they can reinsert the tooth in its socket and help keep it there by splinting it to the adjacent tooth to allow its roots to reattach in a couple of months. Unfortunately, if you delay receiving treatment, you might have to search for replacement options or live with a yawning gap between your teeth.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Your lips, gums, and tongue represent the soft tissues of your mouth and are susceptible to injuries to cause bleeding in the mouth. You can use a gauze pad to apply pressure to the breeding area and call the Chandler dentist requesting an appointment to receive treatment as soon as possible.
  • Missing or Loose Restorations: permanent and temporary restorations in your tooth, like fillings, dental crowns, et cetera, can loosen and fall out. The restorations in your mouth are measures against tooth decay or extensively damaged teeth from injuries or infections. You must have the restorations replaced immediately by visiting the Chandler dentist and requesting an appropriate remedy.

Generally missing, chipped, or cracked teeth, toothaches, missing restorations, and soft tissue injuries represent dental emergencies that need prompt treatment from emergency dental care in Chandler without delay. However, you cannot assume you can visit an emergency room for the treatment because they will merely redirect you to an emergency dentist after providing a painkiller and a substantial bill for services not rendered. Therefore, if you confront a dental emergency, the best option is to visit an emergency dentist, not an emergency room.

Are you confronting a dental emergency when you least expect it? Kindly visit Chandler Ranch Dental for the help you need with or without an appointment. Please expect to receive immediate attention when you see them provide relief from the dental situation affecting you.

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