Emergency Toothache Treatment during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Emergency Toothache Treatment during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jul 01, 2020

Toothaches can disrupt your normal activities. They cause discomfort on different tissues, and pain that spreads to your jaw bone. Visit a dentist to diagnose for the cause of the pain, for early diagnosis of your condition.

Causes of Toothaches

Tooth pain results from irritation of internal tissues of your tooth due to decay, infection or injury. Toothaches are mainly caused by decay. Intake of sugary foods facilitates bacteria to thrive and cause oral diseases. Other causes of pain on your tooth include:

  • Sinuses infections
  • Formation of tartar or plaque between your teeth causing painful infections
  • Inflammation on your tooth root or gums
  • Teeth trauma due to injury or clenching
  • Tooth fractures
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Types of Pain Associated with Your Tooth

Different kinds of pain are based on intensity. Below are types of pain you may experience from your affected tooth:

  • You may experience sharp pain due to exposure to hot or cold sensation. Your tooth pain is attributed to sensitivity due to cracks or fractures. Broken fillings or cavities may also expose you to the sensitivity of hot or cold sensations.
  • One of your teeth may continuously ache due to decay or bacterial infection on your tooth nerves. The infected and isolated tooth irritates your nerves.
  • An inflammation on your gums may lead to pain spreading into your tooth and jaw bone. Plaque may have formed between your teeth, causing an infection.
  • TMJ disorders resulted in teeth clenching may cause toothaches. It creates pressure on your jaws due to swelling resulting in tooth pains.
  • Facial pain or mouth trauma due to underlying issues may trigger pain in your tooth. Orofacial pain may occur due to heart-related problems.
  • Persistent pressure on your gum line indicates that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. The disruptive force becomes painful and may result in a toothache.

How Tooth Pain is treated

The dentist near you will examine the root cause of the pain before finding a suitable treatment option for you. An evaluation is done on your medical history, and diagnostics are applicable. He following procedures can be done to suppress your tooth pain:

  • Root canal procedure is done to repair your infected tooth root. In case your tooth is severely damaged, cleaning of your pulp cavity has to be done, and a crown is placed. Your dentist can use dental fillings to seal the cavities, but extraction is done on your tooth is damaged beyond repair.
  • If your toothache occurs due to gum-related infections, gum grafting can be performed to protect your tooth roots. More therapy can be done to prevent your gum from periodontal diseases.
  • Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics if the pain causes swelling of other oral tissues. If the tooth is severely infected and poses a threat to your jaw bone, extraction is vital, and a replacement is done using an implant.

How to Relieve Tooth Pain at Home?

  • You can apply the following self-care therapies at home in case you have a toothache:
  • Use warm and salty water to rinse your mouth.
  • Floss and brush your teeth regularly to remove plaque that may cause further damage
  • Take the recommended pain relievers to alleviate pain.
  • Apply a cold compress on your check to suppress pain and prevent inflammation.

If the toothache is resulted by a severe condition such as abscess, visit the emergency dentistry near you for a root canal procedure.

Dental Emergency Guidelines during Covid-19Pandemic

The global dental association understands the unprecedented Covid-19 situation and has set regulations to ensure your safety during dental procedures. Priority is given to emergency dental care. Below are some of the guidelines that have been issued:

  • Use of personal protective equipment while handling your dental procedures
  • Sterilizing of all surfaces in the emergency room after the invasive procedure is complete
  • Aerosol equipped have been banned during the pandemic to curb the spread of coronavirus
  • Your hygienist needs to use disposable equipment

You need to seek immediate attention for toothache despite the current situation, to avoid further damage if the dental issue goes untreated.

How We Handle Toothache TreatmentatChandler AZ

At comfort dental care, we treat toothaches by initially performing diagnostics to identify the underlying cause of the pain. In case your tooth is severely damaged by decay, or your pulp cavity is infected, we handle a root canal procedure.

We use advanced equipment and local anesthesia while performing invasive procedures. Tooth extractions in Chandler are done as a last resort. Dental exams and cleanings help you to maintain proper dental hygiene. Please schedule an appointment with us, for toothache treatment and other dental procedures toady!

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