How Can I Cover My Missing Teeth While Waiting for an Implant?

How Can I Cover My Missing Teeth While Waiting for an Implant?

Aug 20, 2022

If you consider getting dental implants for missing teeth, you must understand how the process works. While dental implants are effective, the treatment requires multiple steps and several months of healing before you complete the process. In addition, placement of dental implants proceeds in stages, making it essential for you to discuss temporary tooth options with the dental offices treating you before you can fully replace the missing natural tooth to eventually restore your smile and enjoy the full functionality of your mouth.


What Is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?


Dental implants in Chandler are undoubtedly the best option for replacing missing teeth. Your natural teeth are expected to last for a lifetime. However, various factors can result in losing teeth, creating gaps between your smile, causing embarrassment, and posing health risks.


Dental implants can fill the space left by the natural tooth to act as a replacement option allowing you to have a complete smile besides the ability to chew foods. Implants are robust and durable, providing the necessary bite forces. Implants are also secure and not likely to fall out or loosen.


Dental implants comprise a titanium post resembling a screw. Attached to the implant is a tiny abutment extending above the gums. Finally, the Chandler dentist places a natural-looking porcelain crown over the implant to function as your artificial tooth. The dental crown resembles the missing tooth in shape, size, and color.


How Long Must You Wait before Getting Dental Implants and the Duration of the Treatment?


Getting dental implants is an intensive process managed in multiple steps spanning over several months. While getting dental implants and the replacement tooth, you will likely have a gap between your teeth because the dentist must first embed the titanium post deep into your jawbone. After the implant osseointegrates with your body, the dentist attaches the abutment needing another two weeks for recovery before finally measuring your mouth for the artificial tooth replacement you seek. The waiting time for osseointegration to complete is to ensure the implant secures stability before attachment of the dental crown.


Can You Get Temporary Teeth While Waiting for Implants?


If you plan for the dental implant procedure and ensure your aesthetic appearance is not affected while waiting for your natural tooth, discuss getting temporary teeth while waiting to get implants.


Before getting dental implants, the empty tooth socket must heal before the dentist proceeds with the surgery. If you don’t want to move around with gaps in your smile, the dentist can provide different options to cover the edentulous gap in your mouth. Some of the alternatives dentists recommend for your situation would be the following:


Temporary Bridges: as the dental implant procedure requires several months to complete and you will have no tooth in the socket, the dentist might recommend a temporary bridge to help you maintain a complete smile before getting dental implants. When providing temporary bridges, the dentist places dental crowns on the neighboring teeth next to the missing tooth gap to provide you with an acrylic-based plastic tooth between them to function as a stopgap and until you complete the procedure of receiving the dental crown over the implanted titanium post.


Eventually, the dentist removes the temporary tooth when the time arrives to attach the abutment, and your personalized porcelain dental crown over the implant function as your natural tooth.


Temporary Crowns: temporary crowns are also an excellent option to cover the gap in your mouth while waiting to recover from the implant procedure. Crowns offer an aesthetically pleasing option because they appear like your natural teeth except for restricting you from having hard foods.


While waiting for the dental implant process to complete, there is no reason why you must display gaps in your smile and endure embarrassment. Dentists currently have several options to help cover missing teeth while you wait to complete the dental implant process.


Planning is crucial when considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth. If you plan and discuss your needs with the Chandler dentist, you can rest assured you won’t have to display the disappeared tooth gap until you receive dental crowns over the implant to resemble and function like your natural tooth.


If you consider dental implants for your missing teeth, Chandler Ranch Dental can help you with the entire process ensuring you won’t have to move around without teeth in your mouth at any time during the procedure. Kindly arrange a meeting with this practice today to start your process to get dental implants without worrying about moving around with gaps between your teeth.

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