How to Identify a Dental Emergency?

How to Identify a Dental Emergency?

Jan 01, 2020

Injuries to the mouth can result in teeth being knocked out or forced out of position, loosened, or fractured. The injury could also have affected the lips, gums, and cheeks resulting in cuts and abrasions. These injuries are often painful and best attended to by a dentist at the earliest.

How Soon Should You Be Visiting a Dentist?

Reaching the dentist within 30 minutes is recommended because it can mean the difference between losing a tooth or saving it. Therefore, the decision to leave for the dentist’s office must be made immediately.

What Can You Do If a Tooth Is Knocked-Out?

Your first reaction if you notice a knocked-out tooth should be to contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment. You can handle the tooth by holding the crown but avoiding touching the roots. The roots are the part of the tooth lying below the gums and touching them can damage the cells needed for bone reattachment.

Gently rinse the tooth in water is recommended to remove any dirt that may have attached to it without making any attempts to scrub it. Placing the tooth back into its socket gently can also be attempted if possible to maintain its moistness. The objective should be not to let the tooth dry out. If it is not possible or difficult to store the tooth in the mouth it should be wrapped in moist gauze or cloth and immersed in milk or saliva.

Actions to Take If a Tooth Is Pushed Out Of Position

Repositioning the tooth to its normal alignment will be an attempt you can make by using gentle finger pressure. At no point should force be applied to the tooth. Biting down on the tooth to prevent it from moving is also a suggestion that will be provided by the dentist near you.

How to Manage a Fractured Tooth?

A fractured tooth is best managed by rinsing the mouth with warm water and using a cold compress or an ice pack to reduce any swelling. To control the pain you may be feeling you can use ibuprofen but not aspirin. Get to the dentist offering the service of emergency dental conditions in Chandler who can determine the treatment that should be provided after understanding the condition of the broken tooth. A dentist is the only person that can decide how bad the fracture is.

Minor fractures will simply be smoothed by the dentist or left alone. The tooth may as well be restored with a composite restoration. In either of these cases, the treated tooth will require care for several days.

In the case of moderate fractures, damages may include the enamel, dentin or even the pulp. If the damage to the pulp is not permanent the tooth can be restored with a complete permanent crown. If the pulp has suffered any damage extensive dental treatment will be needed.

In some cases, severe fractures can occur which often means that the traumatized tooth does not stand any chance of recovery and will have to be extracted.

Actions You Can Take If the Soft Tissue Is Injured

When the soft tissue inside the mouth is injured causing puncture wounds, lacerations to the cheek, tongue or lips the wound must be cleaned right away with warm water and a visit to a hospital emergency room to obtain the necessary services is a requirement. Reduction in bleeding from the tongue can be achieved by pulling the tongue forward and placing pressure on the wound with gauze.

How to Stay Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Have in hand an emergency dental care Kit including the phone numbers of the dentist’s home and office. Also have a handkerchief, gauze, and a tiny container with a lid. Having some ibuprofen will also help to alleviate painful conditions.

Taking the precautions for preventive care is better than searching for emergency dental care. While emergencies can happen at any time being prepared for them can reduce the risks of losing your teeth and receiving the attention you need from the dentist near you as it will be extremely helpful. Being prepared for an emergency will only ensure you can take preventive measures before reaching the emergency dentist but attempting to prevent emergencies altogether will make it better for you to avoid unnecessary injuries to your mouth and teeth.

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