How We Can Relax the Pain After Oral Surgery

How We Can Relax the Pain After Oral Surgery

Apr 01, 2023

Many people dislike oral surgery because they fear experiencing pain after treatment. There is also the disadvantage of having to change your diet for a while, depending on the dental procedure you’ll undergo. These and other uncertainties linked to oral surgery can be dealt with through some tips we will share in this article. But before we proceed, you might be wondering why you need to get oral surgery in the first place; wouldn’t it be easier to take painkillers?

Benefits of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a dental care treatment aimed at diagnosing and treating various dental problems, injuries, and defects affecting the jaw, gums, mouth, and teeth. Our dentist in Chandler uses modern dental devices to bring cosmetic and restorative benefits to patients with different oral problems. Below are some of the benefits of oral surgery:

Replacing Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth can be stressful and terribly impact your smile’s appearance. If by bad luck, you end up losing a tooth in the future and wish to replace it with an artificial tooth, your dentist may have to perform oral surgery on you. If you choose conventional tooth replacement options such as a denture or dental bridge, an incision may be made on your gums to allow the teeth replacements to fit correctly. This will benefit you by improving your smile and making it more attractive.

Pain Reliever

Tooth decay, cavity, gum disease, and other dental problems can cause tremendous pain, especially when advancing to later stages. If a dentist near you diagnoses your dental pain, it’s very likely that they’ll recommend tooth removal, dental filling, root canal treatment, or any other treatment that needs oral surgery. This will help alleviate your dental pain while preventing dental problems from spreading to adjacent healthy teeth or gum tissue.

Correct Dental Imperfections

A lot of people are unimpressed with their smile appearance. Dental imperfections may not always seem urgent, but they can lead to a loss of confidence or sometimes be a sign of underlying dental problems. For example, a patient with crooked teeth may find it difficult to eat and suffer from miss bites which cause pain and discomfort. Through oral surgery, a dentist near you can correct these dental imperfections giving you an attractive smile and a confidence boost.

Prevent Tooth Loss

You can safeguard yourself from future dental emergencies by going for regular dental checkups. If our dentist finds you with underlying dental problems like a tooth cavity, oral surgery may be used to remove the decaying part of the tooth so it can be repaired through dental fillings or any other suitable treatment. This will save you from future tooth loss, which would have been costly to replace.

How to Deal With Pain and Discomfort Post-Oral Surgery

After oral surgery, many patients experience dental pain and discomfort. This shouldn’t deter you from undergoing dental treatment in the future, as it can be dealt with by following the tips below:

Apply Ice on the Area

This simple procedure will bring about pain relief and reduce swelling. Get some ice from your fridge, wrap it up, and proceed to apply it on your face just above the site of the wound. Wait for 15 minutes and rest for 15 minutes. Keep repeating this until there is a significant reduction in the swelling.

Watch Your Diet

The food you eat after oral surgery has a major impact on your recovery. Our dentist in Chandler recommends sticking to a diet that mainly consists of soft, easy-to-chew food that will not stress the wound. Examples of foods to eat post-surgery include smoothies, fish, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, and blended soups. Avoid using a straw when eating, as it can disrupt the healing progress and slow down the healing process.

Take Medication as Prescribed by Your Dentist

Dentists usually prescribe pain relievers and other medications to make healing comfortable. Some common examples of medications prescribed after treatment are aspirin and ibuprofen. It’s important that you follow the dosage recommended by your dentist, as not doing so may make the medications ineffective.

Don’t Engage in Strenuous Work

Rest is the easiest way to speed up recovery. Take a few days off work so your body can heal as you rest. If that’s not an option, try not to engage in strenuous activities as that may slow down healing leading to more pain.


Oral surgery is an essential part of dental treatment thus, is commonly used in many standard dental procedures. Follow the tips provided to manage dental pain post-treatment. Don’t forget to visit Chandler Ranch Dental for regular dental checkups so we can monitor your wound healing process and ensure you are in optimal oral health.

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