How Your Medications Can Affect Your Mouth

How Your Medications Can Affect Your Mouth

Jun 01, 2019

Do you know that medications can have an impact on your oral health? This includes both the medicines that you buy on your own and the ones prescribed by your doctor. Dry mouth is a common side effect of medications. Saliva helps in keeping the food from collecting around your teeth and neutralizes the acids produced by plaque. According to
dentist in Chandler AZ, the acid can damage the hard surface of your teeth. Also, dry mouth can put you at the risk of tooth decay. Not just that, your soft oral tissues such as gums, cheek lining, and tongue can also be affected by medications.

The dentist in Chandler says that inhaling medication through your mouth can lead to fungal infection known as oral candidiasis which is also known as thrush. The infection appears as white spots in your mouth and can be painful. Rinsing your mouth after using inhaler can prevent the infection.

The cancer treatments can also affect your oral health. It’s recommended seeing a dentist before you begin the treatment. The dentist near Chandler will be able to make sure that your mouth is healthy and if required will prescribe treatments that can help in maintaining good oral health. The dentist will also ask about the medications that you are taking as, many of them can affect your oral health. It has been observed that in rare cases, serious jaw problems can also occur in people who have received medication for bone-strengthening for treating cancer or osteoporosis.

You may find only a fewer examples of how medication can affect your oral health but it is important for your dentist in 85224 to know about the medications you are taking so that they can devise the best dental care plan for you. When you meet the dentist, you must inform them about any medications that you are taking, especially if you had any recent illness or suffering from a chronic condition. The dentist near you must know your health history and changes in medication that have taken place in the recent past.

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