Impact of nutrition on your oral health

Impact of nutrition on your oral health

Sep 01, 2019

We have always heard that prevention is better than cure. This becomes especially relevant for oral health problems. Tooth decay, Gum diseases and Cavities are very painful and can damage your teeth permanently. This is why it is best to understand the root of these problems and take adequate precautions. Fundamentally, the most important factor affecting our oral health is nutrition. This must be taken care of.

How does food affect our oral health?

Experts like Chandler Ranch Dental, Dentist in Chandler understand the intricate relationship between nutrition and oral health. A nutritious and well-balanced diet is extremely important for good oral health. The food we eat impacts our dental health in two ways.

Firstly, the nutrition from food helps to fight infections and diseases. It strengthens the immunity of our body and improves the content of god bacteria.Most importantly, it helps to rebuild damaged tissues. The content of calcium we consume is also highly important for strong teeth.

Secondly, certain foods can also damage our teeth and gums.Food with high sugar and starch content tends to settle inside the gaps between our teeth and this increases the plaque content leading to many dental health problems. This mainly includes fast food, fat diets and beverages with high sugar content. Also, beverages like coffee and tea also stain our teeth permanently.

This is why it is essential to understand the impact of food and then adequately consume a nutritious diet.

What is the perfect diet for good dental health?

Dentist in Chandler like Chandler Ranch Dental recommends that a good nutritious diet encompasses a variety of food from five major food groups. This includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fat-free dairy products and lean sources of protein. These five groups should be in a manner such that the content of starch and carbohydrates should be at a minimum.

Saliva helps to wash foods from the teeth. An important thing to remember is that snacking in-between the meals should be avoided. This is because saliva is produced in large quantities during meals and not while snacking. Also, when one needs to eat between the meals, snacks like vegetables, yoghurt, fruits and cheese should be chosen.

Moreover, citric fruits and those that contain high water content like Watermelon are very good for maintaining our dental health. The biggest secret to good oral health according to dentist 85224, is consuming lots of water!

What foods should be avoided?

It is generally advised that one should avoid foods high in sugar, starch and carbohydrate content. This includes junk foods and unhealthy snacks. This is because these foods when mixed with saliva, produce a gummy substance that sticks to our teeth. Since it finds space between teeth gaps and on the gum lining, a lot of times, our regular cleaning that includes brushing and flossing, is inadept in removing it. This is why over a period of time it increases plaque, makes our teeth decay and cavities begin to form.

Also, acidic foods should be avoided because they lead to Tooth Enamel Erosion. Even chewing ice can lead to such problems. Beverages with high sugar content. Also, certain pre-existing health problems can make your teeth even more susceptible to decay. Seasoned Chandler Ranch Dental, dentist Chandler AZ can help to make a diet plan for you that is especially altered to suit your peculiarities and problems. But in general, look out for these red flags and include holistic healthy nutritious meals in your daily life. Your oral health is very important. These small steps can go a long way in maintaining your overall health as well.

What more can be done?

Practically, it is very difficult to completely eliminate junk food from our diet. It is thus, important to know how its effects can be countered. Chandler ranch dental, the best dentist Chandler, advise that regular medical cleaning by professionals should be done which helps to counter the ill effects of unhealthy foods.It prevents the build-up of plaque and also ensures that any problem affecting your dental health is treated at the earliest. This is why regularly going to a dentist near you like Chandler Ranch Dental for check-ups and clean-ups is very essential.

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