Invisalign vs. conventional braces

Invisalign vs. conventional braces

Oct 01, 2019

The main aim of orthodontics is primarily to rectify poorly constructed teeth to improve the appearance and function and also to optimize the bite. Orthodontics is most commonly related to children. However, many adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment to permanently realign their teeth. It’s because the basic procedure of teeth movement is the same in adults and children. Thus, orthodontic treatment can be done on anyone irrespective of age. At an early age, interceptive orthodontics can be used to create the required space to aid the growth of permanent teeth.

Reasons for undergoing orthodontic treatment:

  1. To realign teeth.
  2. To rectify teeth that are too high or an overbite.
  3. To avoid premature erosion.
  4. To rectify dental overlap or space between teeth (diastema).

Deciding to realign your teeth is a good idea when you want to enhance the appearance of your smile. The straightening of the teeth helps to improve the functioning of the jaw muscles in general.

A dental irregularity exposes a patient to an array of complications like:

  1. Fractures of poorly positioned teeth
  2. Severe inflammation of the gums
  3. Increase incidence of cavities due to increased difficulty in cleaning overlapping teeth
  4. Temporomandibular joint problems

There are two types of orthodontic treatments to realign your teeth. They are: conventional braces and Invisalign (clear aligners)

Conventional Braces

Traditional braces are the most common and best known orthodontic technique to straighten your teeth. They have evolved over the years to become more discrete. Traditional braces are small porcelain or metal brackets. They are bonded or attached to the front of the teeth. Each block is interconnected through an archwire. The tightness of the wires varies to eventually shift the teeth based on a predetermined plan. This setup employs slight but constant pressure on the teeth to shift them to the required position. The attached wire has to be replaced many times with wires of varying thickness. It is done to continue the process of shifting the teeth until the desired results are achieved.

Braces help to rectify the position of teeth both simultaneously and individually. After the installation of the braces, they have to be adjusted regularly to maintain the optimum degree of tension. Regular checkups with the dentist for a follow-up (every two months on an average) are required to monitor the treatment professionally.


Also called clear aligners, they are an excellent solution for people seeking to align their teeth discreetly than traditional brace. They are invisible as they do not use wires or brackets. It is a near-invisible and a modern method to correct mild to moderate oral problems. They are similar to traditional braces in terms of functions. The difference is that Invisalign is removable and transparent aligners. The period is the same as traditional braces. The adjustment appointments occur every two months. However, they are changed every two weeks, based on the recommendations of your dentists. Each aligner by applying the optimum level of pressure adjusts your teeth. The adjustment is based on the plan that is predetermined by your dentists after consulting the patient.

Most commonly, orthodontic treatment involving Invisalign is faster than conventional braces. An important point to note is, in this treatment compliance by the patient is key to the success of this treatment. The patient must religiously wear his or her aligners at all times. It should be done to avoid the stretching of the treatment for long or compromising the results.

In this treatment, a model of the mouth is created using a computer program. This program shows the patient all the steps involved, from the original condition of the teeth to the final desired result. Maintaining an oral routine is easier as compared to traditional braces. It’s because the clear aligners can be removed while brushing and flossing the teeth.

They are a more efficient tool for tooth movements and are less complicated. A person wearing Invisalign is more comfortable. It’s because they can align their teeth without anyone noticing it. This is not the case while using traditional braces. It is the best option for people who don’t want others to know that they are wearing braces.

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