Look Your Holiday Best With Professional Teeth Whitening

Look Your Holiday Best With Professional Teeth Whitening

Feb 01, 2019

It’s only a few days to holidays and everyone is looking for ways to make themselves look the best and dramatically change their appearance. When it comes to changing the appearance, your teeth and smile plays a significant role. For improving your smile, you can take help of teeth whitening procedure. According to dentist chandler, there are two types of teeth whitening procedures, the one where the whitening is done in dental clinic and the one where at-home whitening kits are given to you by the dentists.

The dentist in Chandler AZ says that, the professional dental cleaning is much better than the home treatment as the results are quick and long term. The procedure is done within an hour and you get pearly white teeth which are several shades lighter.

However, if you wish to whiten the teeth at the privacy of your home, you can choose the at-home kit. The kit contains custom trays and professional whitening gel which is to be applied for an hour a day for at least a week to get the exact same results.

Over-the-counter Whitening Products

There are several products you can find at the chemist store for teeth whitening but many people have found not so satisfactory results. The results can never be great in comparison to the professional cleaning. Also, it has been observed that these products contain harsh abrasive. These abrasives not only remove the surface stains but also cause permanent damage to the tooth enamel. You won’t really find any significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth so it is wastage of time and money, says dentist in chandler.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Best Result

Thus, if you are looking for genuine, quick, and long term results, it is time to choose professional teeth whitening procedure. The dentist will safely whiten your teeth. The professionals are great at doing their job as they have years of experience and knowledge. Plus, the products used by them are more effective than the products that you buy over-the-counter from any drug store.

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