Some Interesting Facts about Your Teeth

Some Interesting Facts about Your Teeth

Jul 16, 2019

Everyone deserves a perfect smile but not everyone is gifted with it. Smile is important and if you don’t have this, you can opt for an appropriate restorative solution by the dentist at Chandler. There available so many techniques that can help recreate the smile. These techniques can act together on various parts of smiles including teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, and saliva production. It can help you obtain a confident smile back again.

With the right oral health and hygiene, one can reduce any need for dental treatments. There are some of the interesting facts attached to teeth and their longevity. These facts about teeth are worth knowing.

  • Tooth enamel of teeth is the hardest substance of all parts in your body.
  • Teeth may consist of calcium, mineral salts, and phosphorus.
  • Teeth start to form right before your birth but erupt between 6-12 months.
  • Teeth may break down with the food you eat and thus one must get the suggestion of eating habits from the dentist at Chandler AZ.
  • Tooth prints are just like fingerprints because each of them is unique.
  • Baby teeth will only fall when their available adult tooth to replace it.
  • One-third of the tooth lies beneath the gum line and only 2/3 part is visible.
  • When all teeth get knocked out, the mouth will die within 15 minutes.
  • Sports injuries are a common cause of knocked out teeth each year and thus one must opt for mouth guard with dentist at 85224.
  • Dental plaque can have more than 300 types of bacteria.

Knowing these interesting facts about teeth can actually help maintain its shine for long. Just by taking care of your teeth and paying a little extra attention to your daily oral hygiene routine, any dental issues can be avoided. It is equally essential to visit dental clinic for a regular checkup so that detecting dental issues and its treatment is easy. You may visit a dentist near you for this regular checkup.

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