The Dangers of Smoking After Getting Dental Crown

The Dangers of Smoking After Getting Dental Crown

Mar 15, 2023

Do you smoke and have questions about how it affects your oral health? The harmful effects of smoking on your health are known to all. Our body gets badly impacted by tobacco use in various ways, which can result in several health issues.

The truth is that quitting smoking and using tobacco can be difficult. Even if you’ve tried before, it’s likely you gave up without getting very far. That means that by continuing smoking, you are putting your smile even at more risk.

Following tooth extraction, dentists advise smokers to give up their habit. After having a dental crown, you shouldn’t smoke for the five days following the procedure to prevent gum pain or other problems.

Know About the Dangers of Smoking After Getting Dental Crown

If you smoke and have a damaged tooth, you might be concerned about whether you can smoke right away after having a dental crown. The best solution to clear your inquiries is to talk to your dentist. To protect the dental crown and your general health, you must be ready to make certain sacrifices. It will help you restore your tooth with a dental crown, either temporarily or permanently. Let us check out the risks you can expect after the process:


Smoking and using tobacco products are detrimental to your dental health because of the negative impact it has on your teeth and gums. For example, the tar and nicotine in tobacco and cigarettes stain our teeth, turning them yellow or brown depending on how long a person has been smoking.

Gum Disease

When you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, you also increase the risk of developing gum disease. Due to a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, the chemicals in cigarettes promote inflammation around the teeth, delaying the healing of your gums.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer risk is also increased by tobacco usage. According to the American Cancer Society, 90% of patients with mouth cancer had used tobacco products. Smokers are also ten times more likely than non-smokers to get oral cancer, while smokeless tobacco users are fifty times more likely to do so than non-users of tobacco products.

Delayed Healing

Generally speaking, cigarette products include dangerous substances that interfere with healthy blood flow. Smoking after receiving a crown reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. It hinders the natural healing and recovery of the gums surrounding the treated tooth.

Increased Risk of Infection

In addition to delaying healing, cigarette products can irritate the gums near the new crown, resulting in inflammation. In most situations, this prolonged healing and inflammation raise the risk of infection, potentially resulting in gum disease and oral infection. If you experience an infection around the crown, get in touch with an emergency dentist near you instantly.

Loose Teeth

Receding gums might be due to a dental crown infection and delayed healing. Your tooth may eventually become unstable and loose. In the end, the tooth and crown could also get lost.

How Do I Quit Using Tobacco?

It can be challenging to stop using tobacco, especially if you have been using it for a long time. However, the advantages to your overall dental health make it worthwhile. If you’re prepared to break the habit, you must create and follow a plan. You can try to stop cold turkey if you don’t think you need help.

You can utilize any store-bought quit aids sold at pharmacies if you don’t think you can stop smoking on your own or ask your doctor to prescribe medicine to assist you.

When trying to stop doing it, the most crucial thing to remember is that smoking is an addiction and can cause certain setbacks. If you want to chat to someone about quitting smoking, talk to a dentist near you or look for a group of ex-smokers.

For More Tips, Call Us Now

Smoking is detrimental to dental health and dramatically raises your risk of tooth loss and mouth cancer. If you smoke and are ready to quit, make an appointment with your dentist so that they can provide some information on how to do so. Please call a dental office near you if you require dental crowns and are worried about your smoking habits so that we can help you with both issues.

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