The Foods You Can or Cannot Have After Tooth Extraction

The Foods You Can or Cannot Have After Tooth Extraction

Feb 12, 2021

Whether you are advised to have teeth pulled or recommended wisdom teeth removal, it is an excellent idea to discuss the oral surgeon’s entire tooth extraction procedure. The dentist’s office provides in-depth after-care instructions for your tooth extraction recovery.

You must realize that following the instructions is essential for a speedy recovery. Therefore you must follow them carefully and contact the dentist’s office if you confront any complications or have any questions regarding the instructions.

The extraction site must complete the healing process, which requires a few days or weeks depending on whether you underwent a straightforward extraction for a visible tooth or a surgical extraction for an impacted wisdom tooth. However, it would help if you had a nutritious diet to ensure your healing isn’t affected by the lack of nutrition in your body. This article provides information on the foods you can or cannot have after a tooth extraction. Please continue reading to learn more about this subject.

Foods You Can Eat After Tooth Extraction

For the first 24 hours after tooth extraction, you must consume soft foods and liquids. Your approach to food is equally important as what you eat. You must try not to chew from around the extraction site, making attempts to chew on the opposite side of the mouth.

It will be an excellent idea to start with liquid and soft foods. It prevents the need for chewing and pain that usually accompanies it. You must avoid having hard foods as they can damage or get trapped in the extraction site. Some examples of liquids and soft foods are applesauce, yogurt, smoothies, blended soups and broths, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding, and Jell-O.

Cold foods like smoothies, ice cream, and Jell-O can relieve some discomfort. If you have nutrient-rich soups and smoothies, they help to promote healing. You may include your regular foods into your diet as you start healing. You can balance out other high sugar options with soups. When you incorporate your everyday foods into your diet, you must start with foods like chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Easy to eat foods like scrambled eggs, instant oatmeal, and toast are also permitted.

Foods and Beverages You Must Avoid after Tooth Extraction

There are some foods and beverages you must avoid after tooth removal. It would help if you stayed with the fares listed above during the initial few days. Avoid the foods and drinks listed below for a week or more until the extraction site has healed.

You must avoid acidic and spicy foods, including citrus juice, because they may cause irritation and pain.

Following a tooth extraction, the dentist in Chandler advises you not to consume alcohol for at least 24 hours. If you are taking potent medicines, you must avoid drinking alcohol until you are no longer on the medication.

Avoid hard to chew foods like nuts, chips, and jerky that can reopen the stitches and hamper the healing. Hard to eat foods can also dislodge the dry socket to leave you in pain and needing attention from the dentist in Chandler. You must make every effort to ensure you don’t confront problems with a dry socket or any other that can delay healing time.

It is incredibly essential not to have hot foods but to stick with cold or lukewarm foods until you have healed entirely.

Besides the above, you must stay away from smoking or using tobacco in any form for at least 72 hours after the surgery. Tobacco can severely increase the risk of complications. If you chew tobacco, give up the habit for at least a week.

You may find the restrictions intimidating because all the foods or beverages you love are off your list during the healing period. However, if you realize how challenging it can get to overcome problems with a dry socket, you will wholeheartedly follow the dentist’s instructions to complete the healing process as soon as possible. In any case, the diet recommended by the dentist includes all the nutrients you need without compromising on the taste. You can undoubtedly have the flavors you want with the foods to avoid acidic or spicy flavors. The precautions mentioned in this article are for your benefit, and using them judiciously will help you recover faster from the tooth extraction procedure.

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