The Time it Takes to Heal from Tooth Extraction

The Time it Takes to Heal from Tooth Extraction

Jan 10, 2023

If you have experienced tooth pain, you know how painful it can be. The pain from a toothache is among the worst pains one can ever feel. However, there’s always a treatment plan for the tooth, which is sometimes to extraction.

Although the tooth extraction procedure sounds extreme, sometimes dentists are unable to save your tooth, and it becomes the only option. A dentist near you might recommend tooth extraction due to reasons including

  • Trauma
  • Impaction
  • Gum and periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Overcrowding of your teeth

Whichever the case, if you are having your teeth removed, you will wonder the time it will take for the extraction area to heal. You’ll also find one that holds what you can do to fasten the healing process.

How Long Does it Take for Extraction Area to Heal?

If you have your teeth extracted, you’ll wonder how long it will take for the sites to heal. Unfortunately, if you have your teeth extracted, it can be a painful procedure for you to recover from, and the sooner you can get a full recovery, the better.

The healing depends on the type and location of the tooth and the person’s body healing abilities. However, it takes between one to three months for the bone and gum tissues to heal completely after the extraction.

For most people, the pain subsides after one to five days, and they can return to normal activities.

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction Healing Time

The healing process of tooth extraction depends on the person. Some individuals experience minor discomforts after the surgery, while others will experience severe discomfort. This is what you will expect after a tooth extraction near you.

After 24 Hours

Twenty-four hours following the surgery, blood clots will be formed to aid in the healing process. Within these hours, you might experience minor bleeding and pain. Your dentist will prescribe some painkillers to help you get through the pain.

After a day, you’ll be able to return to activities that don’t require much strengthening, such as working in an office job.

One to Two Days After Extraction

You will require the most attention during this period of intense healing in your mouth. It’s normal to have some stiffness and to bleed at the extraction area.

Three Days After Extraction

The tooth socket is partially healed after three days. You shouldn’t experience any bleeding, and sadly at this stage. However, you may still feel soreness and tenderness but no discomfort or pain.

One Week After Tooth Extraction

After seven to 10 days, there a clot should be fully formed. Then, the dentist in Chandler will remove non-dissolving stitches. If you’re experiencing bleeding or discomfort, you should call your dentist near you immediately and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Two Weeks After Tooth Extraction

The empty sockets will be healed after two weeks. However, the tissue at the extraction site will be sensitive and tender. You should avoid chewing too much food and brushing near the extraction area. Even when the empty socket is nearly healed, you might damage the new gum tissue or get infected.

More than Three Weeks After Tooth Extractions

After three to four weeks, the healing is complete. However, you might experience some sensitivity on the socket, but it shouldn’t result in major bleeding or pain. You should avoid allowing debris or food to accumulate in the socket. And you should do this by flossing and cleaning your teeth properly and trying to rinse the socket to get rid of the debris.

Tips During Teeth Extraction and Recovery

You may want to know the tips for a quick recovery, and they include:

Listening to Your Dentist’s Advice

This is an essential thing to do well-undergoing healing process. But first, you should listen to your Chandler Ranch Dental dentist’s advice.

If they advise you not to eat certain foods, ensure you follow the advice. And if they tell you to avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting within the few days after the surgery, please avoid those activities.

Ensure You Keep Your Head Elevated 24 Hours After the Surgery and Rest

After your tooth extraction in Chandler, it’s important to have a day of rest while keeping your head elevated. During rest, your body will recover first, and the purpose of keeping your head elevated is to prevent blood from going to the extraction site.

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