What Snacks Can I Eat After Oral Surgery?

What Snacks Can I Eat After Oral Surgery?

Jan 01, 2023

When you get oral surgery, such as an impacted root canal or wisdom teeth removal, you won’t take hard or crunchy food for at least one week after the procedure. However, if your case is complicated, you’ll have to wait for up to six weeks to start eating hard foods, and during that period, you’ll only be taking soft or liquid foods.

The recovery after the process will depend on how complicated and long the procedure is. The time after the surgery differs from when you want to fret over your diet. You should avoid calorie counts and nutrition labels when you are healing. At this time, ensure you focus on undertaking the foods recommended by your dentist in Comfort Care Dental (AZ) to ensure your body is healthy again.

Here are some of the snacks you should eat after an oral surgery

Fresh Smoothies

Many people will advise you to stick in a lot of ice cream and milkshakes, but you will be taking strong antibiotics, which might damage your gut microbiome. Instead, ensure you make smoothies rich in your gut to soothe your aching gums. The smoothness also helps stabilize the health of your gut.

Also, adding greek yogurt to your smoothie will help tame the smoothest tank by mixing cocoa powder, bananas, and frozen fruits.

Don’t throw when taking the smoothie, so you should ensure your smoothie is thin by adding water or milk.


You can take soft scrambled eggs after your surgery. Ensure you stir the eggs well, add cheese, and transfer it to a plate. The mixture will continue cooking and after cooling down, eat it with avocado, making you happy again.

Canned Broths and Soups

Soup is on the number one list of snacks you should take after oral surgery. However, you won’t enjoy all soups after the procedure. For example, although chicken noodle soup might sound safe, it has crunchy add inns that are not good to take during your healing until you can move your jaw without feeling pain.

You should use a strainer to separate meat, vegetables, or any nodules from the soup a few days after the operation. If you want to add them to your broth, ensure you blend or chop them up to avoid any trouble while swallowing them.


Taking instant oatmeal is a good idea for breakfast, but ensure you don’t take steel-cut words because they are hard to swallow. Instead, we should try adding some mashed blueberries and bananas to your soft oatmeal.


Cheese is a good source of probiotics, so this will be a great option for a snack. Ensure you ensure you can swallow small pieces of cheese. Also, adding a small amount of cheese to your meals during recovery will be great for your body.

Mashed Potatoes

When preparing mashed potatoes, ensure it’s soft and creamy to avoid any trouble while swallowing. Also, adding small portions of minced bacon or herbs is safe, but ensure you take time to dice them finely.

Frosting, Pudding, and Sheet Cakes

During recovery, you can take pudding as a snack which will slide down your throat effortlessly. Also, you can manage cupcakes or frosted cakes with a spoon and a little bit of patience. You will enjoy your cake more with a glass of milk to make it softer.

Can I Eat Before Oral Surgery

If you receive anesthesia from your dentist in Chandler, AZ, we recommend that you don’t drink or eat anything for 8 hours before your surgery. If you are under any medication, ensure you use a small amount of water to take the medicines. Not eating it will help an individual avoid the risk of aspiration during dental surgery.

Foods to Avoid After Dental Surgery

A dentist near you will advise you to avoid these foods after dental surgery.

Roasted Vegetables

These vegetables are hard to chew and swallow after one has had oral surgery. So the best way is to avoid these vegetables and wait until you’re healed to enjoy them.


After oral surgery in a dental office near you, you can’t have bread a few days after the procedure. Crusty bread and toast should be off the menu until you recover because they can harm your gums. You can start enjoying your bread when your gums and jaw feel strong.

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