What to Sidestep Eating Right After Getting Braces?

What to Sidestep Eating Right After Getting Braces?

Sep 20, 2022

After deciding to get braces near me to straighten crooked and malformed teeth or align your teeth to help with dental problems like gaps, underbites, or overbites, the treatment extends months or years to adjust the additional stress on your teeth. You might also experience irritation around your teeth and gums during the initial few days.

If you discuss with people who have had braces on their teeth, they will state that the most challenging adjustment was giving up the foods they loved. Therefore you must prepare yourself to confront the challenge head-on while wearing braces because the foods can remain trapped in the braces to damage them.

What Can You Eat on the First Day of Getting Braces?

Getting braces over your teeth doesn’t hurt, but your mouth remains sensitive in the days following your appointment. If you decide to have foods with a tough texture, you might experience pain in them. As you must also learn to chew differently, the provider recommends you eat soft foods during the initial few days.

Excellent foods to eat after getting braces include mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soups, oatmeal, cooked or soft vegetables, pasta, moist dessert, et cetera. You can have any foods that are easy to chew because the sensitivity after getting braces subsides after a few days when you can add more foods to resume your typical diet.

Foods to Avoid Right After Getting Braces

Besides understanding the foods you can have after getting braces, you must also collect information on the foods to avoid with braces after getting them. Many foods are ideal for eating after getting braces, but some are not suitable immediately after getting the appliance on your teeth. The restriction is because the foods can irritate your mouth, causing sensitivity and stress.

The foods you must avoid immediately after getting braces include ice cream, thick rolls of bread, thicker meat cuts, spicy foods, and citrus fruits. You can start eating these foods after your teeth adjust to the braces.

Can I Eat McDonald Fries with Braces?

Braces set you on the path to having a healthy and beautiful smile. However, for the duration of your treatment, you must care for the braces by remaining careful of what you eat. Ensure that you understand the foods that are safe to eat with braces and the items that are better avoided.

The standard rules apply to having McDonald’s burgers and fries. However, soft hamburgers require a significant front-biting motion that might dislodge the wires. However, McDonald’s fries are safe to eat with braces. It would help if you remembered that so long as you don’t favor sticky foods, you can continue having them after getting accustomed to the appliances on your teeth.

Can I Eat Pizza with Braces?

If you have braces over your teeth, you can continue eating pizza. However, you must remain careful with the crust ensuring that you prefer soft crusts like the traditional New York style or Chicago deep dish pizzas with thin layers instead of thick. In addition, you must ensure the pizza doesn’t remain trapped between the brackets and wires to cause damage that might require an additional visit to your orthodontist.

You must also consider at-home toppings if making pizza in the comfort of your home. You must rely on ingredients such as mushrooms or bacon crumbles instead of chewy foods with cheesy toppings that can remain trapped within the braces.

Foods to Avoid When Having Orthodontic Braces

You must remember that your braces are sensitive to damage, making it essential to bypass certain foods for the duration of your treatment. The foods include the sticky and hard variety that potentially damages the wires and bands or causes a bracket to dislodge from the tooth.

When you have braces for your teeth, the foods to avoid entirely include popcorn, nuts, ice, chewing gum, hard and chewy candy, crunchy vegetables and fruits, pretzels, chips, pizza crust, bagels, hard rolls, et cetera.

The foods you must avoid when getting your teeth straightened with braces are a minor sacrifice to achieve an important goal. Straighter teeth give you better dental health preventing the infections that haunted you earlier, besides a beautiful smile that you become proud to show off. In any case, the sacrifice is short-lived because you can continue having all the foods you love after you complete your treatment and the braces come off your teeth.

If you decide to straighten your teeth with braces from Chandler Ranch Dental, you receive comprehensive instructions on the foods to eat and avoid when starting the treatment. The advice helps you manage your treatment effectively to get the beautiful smile you desire besides providing freedom from dental infections.

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