When to call a Cosmetic Dentist in Chandler?

When to call a Cosmetic Dentist in Chandler?

Oct 06, 2022

A cosmetic dental procedure can help you correct several aesthetic issues with your teeth, including misaligned, discolored, chipped, and broken teeth. If you are searching for a dental office near you that can help you create that perfect smile you always wanted, it is important to know when to call a cosmetic dentist.
A dentist in Chandler, AZ, can help you correct aesthetic imperfections and make your smile more attractive and symmetrical. Here at Chandler Ranch Dental, we offer several specialized cosmetic dentistry procedures that focus on improving your smile and overall dental health and function.
Here is a list of dental conditions that warrant a call to a Chandler cosmetic dentistry:

Crooked Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be very uncomfortable. Not only do they make your smile less attractive, but they can also make your teeth more prone to damage. While traditional metal braces do exist that can help realign your teeth, a cosmetic dentist might be able to recommend better alternatives, including Invisalign® and porcelain veneers.

Misshaped Teeth

If your teeth are misshapen, too small, or too big cosmetic dentistry can help you get them back in shape. Dental contouring and reshaping procedures can align your teeth perfectly to improve the aesthetics of your smile and the chewing functionality of your teeth.

Missing Teeth

Whether you lost your tooth due to decay or an accident, a dentist near you can help replace it. Here at Chandler Ranch Dental, we offer several solutions to get your missing tooth replaced, including-

  • Dental implants and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Crowns

Understanding how cosmetic dentistry can help you correct various aesthetic issues is important. Call Chandler Ranch Dental today to book an appointment and learn more about cosmetic dentistry and how it can help you.

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