Root Canal Treatment In Chandler, AZ

An infected tooth can leave many in severe pain and can lead to further complications and procedures. Our root canals dentist near you at Chandler Ranch Dental encourages patients to schedule a dental exam and cleaning at least twice a year to help prevent this from occurring. We also offer root canal treatment in Chandler. What is a root canal and what is involved with a root canal procedure? Continue reading to find out more about our endodontist near you!

Do You Need a Root Canals Dentist in Chandler, AZ?

Patients typically need a root canals dentist in Chandler, AZ 85224 when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. You may need root canal therapy to provide relief and to prevent the spread of infection to surrounding teeth. Often times, inflammation or infection is caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedures by our endodontist near you on the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth.

When left untreated, the infected tissue can lead to a painful abscess. Many people are afraid of hearing they need root canal treatment. However, our Chandler endodontist near you is trained in new innovations to help avoid pain and discomfort during and after a procedure. Some symptoms of an infected tooth are pain or discoloration, increased sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, and tenderness in the surrounding gum area. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then contact your dentist for root canal treatment near you right away to see if you are in of this treatment.

What is the Process for a Root Canals Dentist Near You?

Your dentist will provide you with the needed medications to avoid discomfort and pain during and after your procedure. They will open up the area and thoroughly clean out the root canal. A dental crown is often provided to ensure the protection of your tooth.

Other than root canal treatment in Chandler, services are also available in Ocotillo, Sun Lakes, Cipriana, Orangetree, Andersen Springs, Lakeshore, Mountain Side Ranch, Arrowhead Meadows, Coronado Crossing, Green Valley Estates.


What is Root Canal Treatment and Why Is It Done?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the nerve chamber of a tooth is cleaned and sealed off. The reason it's done is that infections can form within the tooth and spread to other teeth or to other parts of the body.

The root canal treatment in Chandler procedure usually involves numbing the area with anesthesia, then drilling a small hole in the tooth so that the infected nerve chamber can be accessed. The nerve chamber is then cleaned and sealed off with a sealant material. In some cases, a filling may also be placed in the tooth to restore its shape and function.

Root canal treatment is usually successful, but it's important to have it done by a dentist who has experience with this type of procedure.

How do you know if you need a root canal in Chandler, AZ?

If you have a toothache that lasts more than a few days, or if your toothache is accompanied by pain when you bite down or drink hot or cold liquids, you may need root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth's pulp (nerve and blood vessels) becomes infected. The infection can cause inflammation and swelling of the tissues around the tooth and even spread to other body parts.

If you think you may need root canal treatment, please see your dentist as soon as possible. Prompt treatment is important to prevent further tooth damage and avoid more serious health problems.

How to know if your root canal is infected

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need root canal treatment:

  1. Severe toothache or pain that lasts more than a few days
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold food or drink
  3. Swelling and/or tenderness in the gums near the affected tooth
  4. Discoloration of the affected tooth
  5. Unusual looseness in the affected tooth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please consult with a dental professional as soon as possible to determine if you need root canal treatment.

What Happens If I Fail to Get the Root Canal Treatment?

If you don't get the root canal treatment done, the bacteria will spread and cause an infection. This can eventually lead to tooth loss.

If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort in your tooth, it's important to get it checked out by a dentist as soon as possible. If you do have a serious infection, you may need to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth.

At our dental office in Chandler, AZ, we offer root canal treatment for patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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