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Our dental team members at Chandler Ranch Dental in Chandler, AZ are eager to provide our clients with high quality, safe, and reliable care. We understand the stress and anxiety that many have towards dental visits and procedures. Therefore we strive to create a comfortable and reassuring environment that allows everyone to get the care they deserve. Our dental staff also provide sedation dentistry near you that helps to avoid the pain, discomfort, and anxiety that accompanies several procedures. Continue reading on to learn how sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ 85224 can help you!

About Sedation Dentistry Near You

What is sedation dentistry? Sedation can be given to a patient in several different ways including oral and IV methods. Oral sedation is a common and effective method that helps to control the anxiety many patients have during procedures and exams. One of our sedation dentists in Chandler, AZ 85224 may prescribe you with an oral medication to take before your scheduled appointment. Oral medications allow you to remain alert, yet relaxed, during your appointment. IV sedation is another method typically used for procedures when a deeper level of sedation is needed. For both of these methods, we ask you to bring along a friend or family member to help get you home safely after your appointment or procedure. Contact our sedation dentist near you to see which option could benefit your unique situation and leave you feeling comfortable.

Going for your biannual dental cleaning and exam doesn’t have to be a daunting experience anymore! Visit our Chandler dental clinic for more information on the wide range of services we offer and feel comfortable in our safe environment. Call a member of our staff today to schedule your next appointment with one of our dentists and experience the ease of sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry services also available in Ocotillo, Sun Lakes, Cipriana, Orangetree, Andersen Springs, Lakeshore, Mountain Side Ranch, Arrowhead Meadows, Coronado Crossing, Green Valley Estates.

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