Veneers Can Give You Back Your Smile

Veneers Can Give You Back Your Smile

Apr 16, 2019

Perfectly shaped and shiny white teeth are something that everyone cherishes to possess. If you are too attentive and careful in maintaining dental hygiene, you would probably have shiny white teeth. But, tooth decaying is something that is beyond your control. Poor nutrition, lack of calcium in body and ageing are the primary factors that trigger tooth decaying process. In order to get rid of decayed tooth and to get back shiny white tooth, you need to find professional dentist Chandler AZ. In order to hide chipped tooth and patchy marks on teeth, you can choose to go for dental veneers. At Comfort Care Dental, you can find smile restoration treatment with veneers.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are generally referred as layers of composite resin or porcelain, which is placed on the surface of tooth. The technique of hiding teeth patches and chipped teeth with veneers was invented back in the year of 1928. Due to lack of high quality adhesive, initially veneer used to be observed as temporary solution. Nowadays, professional dentist Chandler can provide veneer as long term solution for hiding teeth imperfections. Veneers can stay up to 30 years, but you need maintenance of veneer and little repairing in between this time period.

Why Veneers Are Used?

In most of the cases, dentist 85224 recommends using veneer for beautifying teeth. Patchy marks on teeth can perfectly be hidden with veneers. If you have large gaps between teeth, it obviously looks quite embarrassing. Nevertheless, such people find difficulties when chewing foods. In such cases, veneers can be used to hide gap[s between teeth perfectly. Another reason to use veneer is to hide broken or cracked or chipped tooth. Not just hiding decayed tooth, but veneers also prevent further decaying effects on tooth.

The Process of Applying Veneers

The process of applying veneers is simple as well as straightforward, when you find a professional and skilled dentist near you. Comfort Care Dental offer smile restoration through dental veneers. For applying veneer on your teeth, you need to pay visit to the dental clinic as per schedule, as given by your dentist.

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